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Welcome to our website!  There are only three possible reasons as to why you've come across this website today.  Either (1) you are a part of our group, (2) you are a friend of someone who is part of our group, or (3) we crashed your campus.  If the answer is #3, you might be wondering why a very large group of have-beens are still having a great time partying on a college campus?  Or why they all had matching shirts with nicknames?  Or why one of them was holding an enormous pair of dice or the "Bucket of Fun"?  The short answer is, that's just what we do.  But if you want the longer version, here you go:

It all started 16 years ago, when a group of Boston College alumni realized that tailgating for a football game in the Northeast doesn't hold a candle to some of the other schools around the country.  So, we decided that once a year, we would pick one big-time college football game and all make the trip out.  To this day, I still say it was the best idea we've ever come up with as a group, well, besides the dice game but that's neither here nor there.  So it started out in 2001 with six of us making the first trip to Gainsville, FL.  The next year, it was five of us stuffed in a winnebego for two days in Tuscaloosa.  Then word spread to the New York guys and our group got larger and larger.  All in all, we've had 40 guys make the trip at least once and that number is sure to get even larger!  I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we look forward to it all year and it is an absolute blast!  So if you're a fan of college football, or you want to get a first hand look at some of our country's most storied football programs, or you just want to hang out in some cool places for the weekend, you might want to join us!   Here are the places we've visited so far:
2016        Clemson University                   Clemson, SC
2015        University of Arkansas               Fayetteville, AR
2014        Florida State University             Tallahassee, FL
2013        Auburn University                      Auburn, AL
2012        Oklahoma State University        Stillwater, OK
2011        Texas A&M University               College Station, TX
2010        University of South Carolina      Columbia, SC
2009        University of Mississippi            Oxford, MS
2008        University of Tennessee            Knoxville, TN
2007        University of Wisconsin              Madison, WI
2006        University of Georgia                  Athens, GA
2005        Arizona State University             Tempe, AZ
2004        Louisiana State University          Baton Rouge, LA
2003        University of Texas                     Austin, TX
2002        University of Alabama                 Tuscaloosa, AL
2001        University of Florida                    Gainsville, FL

So how do we decide where we're going each year?  It's a pretty complicated voting procedure that takes two days every year but we start with a list of 30 games and eventually come to a consensus on one game.  Check in on the "Where to Next?" tab for updates on this year's game! 

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